Determine if an Order was originally a Draft Order?

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We would like to get the number of draft orders in a month, as compared to the total orders. 
Is it possible to determine if the order was originally a draft order using the Orders API?

I tried checking the `source_name` = "shopify_draft_order", however, the numbers don't match with Shopify Reports


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Hey Nicole,


The `source_name` will appear as "shopify_draft_order" for any orders which are created from draft orders via the admin.


If the order is completed (PUT /admin/draft_orders/#{draft_order_id}/complete.jsonusing the DraftOrders API, then the "source_name" value will be set to the API client which completed the order.


For this reason, it's not possible to account for all draft orders as the "source_name" value will be split between these two cases. One potential solution would be to keep track of the orders converted from draft orders by your app and then to account for those in conjunction with orders marked with "shopify_draft_order". However, if other apps are also creating orders from draft orders on the shop, then this solution won't work.

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This should be a field on the orders object. Whenever manual processing is done and you change the status on a draft_order to "complete" then it should add the draft order id to the new order object.  This way the 3rd party apps can stay in sync once the orders/create webhook fires

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Has anyone figured out a good way to determine which draft order a paid order originated from? I can't figure out anything in the API that connects the two.