Determine which location to use for a fulfillment through the API when stock is tracked by Shopify

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We have a similar setup - our own warehouse, 3PL, and many drop ship suppliers.  We opted to NOT use the multi-location feature in Shopify because of this.  I chatted with Shopify dev regarding the issue and it sounded like there is a forthcoming beta that would give you more control over draft fulfillments; however, there would still be limitations with how the system would prioritize selecting a location.  For example, you could not easily, setup a rule so that the nearest warehouse to the customer was used for fulfillment.


At a high-level we process the Shopify create order webhook, and then in our backend determine who / how to fulfill.  We then send the orders to the appropriate fulfillment provider.

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Thanks for the help tjmoretto  and Thomas_Lang1. Wish it were otherwise - will keep my eyes peeled for this beta!

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I got pointed to this document from a shopify success manager, seems like new functionality is in the DEV api ready to be tested:


so it should become available soon.

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