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My supplier is: and they run dropship service at:

I do not have much understanding of setting up modules, but I know well what it is all about. I, therefore, need sharp sparring that can help with the task or can navigate me to the right man. I would like to pass on the information that I have been sent by my supplier. I do not yet have a webshop, only domain.

The idea is that I have a webshop where my Danish customers can order goods and the order subsequently goes directly to the dropship service, where they stand for the rest: package, delivery etc. I also need a premium subscription to them. They have a platform where I can now manually enter and order goods for my customers or for myself for that matter (of course only when I have a premium subscription). It is this process that I need to have on my upcoming webshop. So it all gets automated, so I don't have to sit manually and make orders on their platform.
I received the inspiration from, which also offers exactly the same solution. They have just made the module for Shopify, WooCommerce etc.
The reason I choose is that they have a larger product range. (it may be you can find inspiration at bigbuy's module?)

I've got a demo version (can't order the right order) for their platform at the following link: and this platform of files: export/
LOGIN: food test23
PASSWORD: Gerk8dLY560frL


I have had contact with them and they explain that they have also developed something with Prestashop. Any API?
They then sent a complete API guide:

I've got some API info:
API code: 1VaYYg3BTP7ZzuWuwtq9HyypD1162522eTTCQ2Lh2F33zUqPO8u7o69orthTU41y
USER ID: uid: 112716
PORTAL ID: pid: 1
LANGUAGE ID: Member: 2

On the following page, you can see how much it is about and how their "data flow" is related:

General links from them:

I also attached a few PDF files.



You must see how much wiser you became of this mail. You may be able to take an assessment of what is going on? An interface/module must be developed immediately - so if you can, you may want to get the job done

Finally, say if you lack information. Looking forward to hearing from you