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My supplier is: and they run dropship service at:

I do not have much understanding of setting up modules, but I know well what it is all about. I, therefore, need sharp sparring that can help with the task or can navigate me to the right man. I would like to pass on the information that I have been sent by my supplier. I do not yet have a webshop, only domain.

The idea is that I have a webshop where my Danish customers can order goods and the order subsequently goes directly to the dropship service, where they stand for the rest: package, delivery etc. I also need a premium subscription to them. They have a platform where I can now manually enter and order goods for my customers or for myself for that matter (of course only when I have a premium subscription). It is this process that I need to have on my upcoming webshop. So it all gets automated, so I don't have to sit manually and make orders on their platform.
I received the inspiration from, which also offers exactly the same solution. They have just made the module for Shopify, WooCommerce etc.
The reason I choose is that they have a larger product range. (it may be you can find inspiration at bigbuy's module?)

I've got a demo version (can't order the right order) for their platform at the following link: and this platform of files: export/
LOGIN: food test23
PASSWORD: Gerk8dLY560frL


I have had contact with them and they explain that they have also developed something with Prestashop. Any API?
They then sent a complete API guide:

I've got some API info:
API code: 1VaYYg3BTP7ZzuWuwtq9HyypD1162522eTTCQ2Lh2F33zUqPO8u7o69orthTU41y
USER ID: uid: 112716
PORTAL ID: pid: 1
LANGUAGE ID: Member: 2

On the following page, you can see how much it is about and how their "data flow" is related:

General links from them:

I also attached a few PDF files.



You must see how much wiser you became of this mail. You may be able to take an assessment of what is going on? An interface/module must be developed immediately - so if you can, you may want to get the job done

Finally, say if you lack information. Looking forward to hearing from you

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I have experience with dropshippingb2b, And have done many integrations for this in past, Please tel me what issue you are facing? May be i can help you .

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I am facing the same troubles trying to integrate the supplier with my shopify store. 

I have contacted experts but been quoted thousands in order for them to create a custom app to allow me to simply integrate the suppliers products into my store.

If there is anyone who would be able to help me as this is the next step for my business however I’m struggling to get things set up. 

Im currently of the mindset to manually import the products with the most stock, this means I’ll just have to continually monitor each products stock that I have uploaded to my site and will be limited to what I have on offer as it will be time consuming adding/adjusting & removing products.

I appreciate any support/advice on getting things setup & running smoothly, thanks.