Developing an integrated weighing scale app for Shopify App Store

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I am an app developer and am exploring the possibility of building an integrated scale feature for Shopify POS using Shopify App Bridge. From a technology standpoint I am confident this is feasible (likely requiring native iOS / Android "helper" apps that the store must also install). The one limitation being given that Shopify cannot handle decimal quantities, in most cases we would simply create a Quick Sale line item for that weighed item.


Being that this would be my first app for the Shopify App Store, before embarking down this path I wanted to first inquire as to the likelihood of such an app being approved. Additionally, given that this requires a scale, I am curious if I'd be able to submit the requisite hardware to the review team.


Thank you!

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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This is an accepted solution.

Hey @policenauts 


You can get in touch with the review team via the partner dashboard -> support.

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