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Curious what others are using for code editing. The code editor in the browser in the admin panel is ok but is basic. Is anyone  writing liquid, css, javascript outside of Shopify and if so what tools or APIs are available to update a template file or other assets from another development studio. I'm also curious about versioning with source control, it appears liquid files have a version history but a javascript asset file does not how are people managing changes?




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Shopifys themekit

Or slate for new theme projects


Versioning in the theme admin is only there as a fallback for merchants.

Developers and designers should version locally using an actual VCS such as Git.



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There are plenty of blog articles explaining how to work independent of the Shopify editor. Most of these methods have a level of suckage, but that is not a bad thing considering what you can do pretty easily. 


For an editor, both Sublime Text and VSCode are good and have Liquid extensions that sort of work. The Shopify Theme Kit is an essential download that will allow you to download themes and work on your local machine. Any changes you make are auto-uploaded if you want. Obviously you can save all your code in version control as you wish. Git is popular. You can use an App like PrePros to auto refresh your browser, compile your SASS and JS assets before uploading them to the mothership.


The list goes on and on. Basically, short of the kitchen sink, people are using and trying almost anything that works. At the heart of it, Shopify is nothing but a giant string so you could work with any text editor you like. Won't matter to Shopify. 


There are some giant screwball holes in all this but you won't fall into one until you get very far along. So have fun off the hop and go crazy!

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Thanks guys for the info Themekit and the VS Code extensions were exactly what I was looking for.

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