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So I need to develop a public app for my store.

I have followed this link:

Basically, this app will retrieve info from an online database based on the URL parameters of a specific page and display it.


I got to the point where I can retrieve the information from the database on the store. But right now I have some questions on how to proceed in the development of an app.


Screenshot 2019-06-11 at 15.44.59.png


How can I use this app in a specific page of my website?

Also, right now I'm using ngrok to establish the connection between localhost and the internet. What do I need to do in order to publish this so I don't need to use ngrok?


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Hi @hugogaspar8,


If you're looking to have your app interact with the storefront, I would recommend reading over this doc: It explains how to use App Proxies, Script Tags, and modifying the theme.


As for where to go after developing with Ngrok, you would want to use a server provider such as Heroku, AWS, or DigitalOcean. These should have free options or at least a trial to check it out.


hope that points you in the right direction!

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