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We have an application for bundle ZeBundler, We give the possibility to merchant to replace the bundle product by its components when an order is placed and we apply a post-order discount to the products to fit the bundle price.

But we have a small issue raised by some merchants, the global discount apply to the original order is recalculated to 0. And I do not understand why because the price of an order doesn't change and the discount rules are not specific to the product see screenshot below :

Order with issue :

As you can see the bundle is replaced by its components but the discount is recalculated to 0. So at the end we have "Customer owe you ... " and the amount is the price of the missing discount.


Discount Code spec :


I would like to help this merchant and apply a fixe if necessary, but I do not understand why the discount is recalculated to 0. If someone has any insight or if it's a know bug this would help me a lot.

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Because the discount code is not supposed to recalculate by Shopify:

The following discount types are recalculated when an order is edited:

  • Percentage discounts that apply to the entire order — These discounts are recalculated when you add new items or change item quantities.

  • Discount codes for a fixed amount that apply to specific products or collections — These discounts are recalculated when you adjust the quantity of an item that already has the discount applied. This type of discount is recalculated only if the discount code can be used more than once per order.

Your discount code is not applying to a specific product or collection. So you have to apply the discount on your own


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