Discounts Webhook?


I see that there is no webhook for updating discounts. I am building an app right now that will interact with store discounts, and the functionality would be best if I had constant access to live discounts data.


Does anyone know of a way to make sure your app is getting live discounts data from the store?


I guess I could periodically make a GET request to discount PriceRule and DiscountCode API endpoints and make a diff check to see what has been changed, but it would be much more efficient for a Shopify webhook on discounts.

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I was looking for the same thing, but I also couldn't find any way to get discounts as a webhook.

Maybe it's possibly in the works?


I did a quick check and what I found was another thread requesting this:


Best of luck.

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I see! It's definitely a common issue then. I'm going to reach out to Shopify Support and see if I can make a request that this gets added.

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