Display Rails 6 show view as embed custom shopify page

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I have an app, which is hosted on heroku, already installed in my test shop and ready to use. The app is embed in the admin. The App creates a rails view, which shall appear embed in the shop frontend as a page, like it would be created in the pages section by a shop admin.

Ive read about app bridges and app proxies which in my opinion dont give me the functionality I want. One thing I came along is building iframes on the fly on an API-created page, but i dont know if its the best way to accomplish it.

App functionality:

  1. App does something in the shopify admin and creates a link - done
  2. The link will be copied by the admin/user to his navigation - will be done manually
  3. If a customer clicks on the link in the shop-frontend-navbar, the link shall open as a custom-shopify-page, so that the user thinks he is still in the shop-frontend.

How do I do that?