Display list of existing products in Shopify store on external site

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Hello all,

I am working with a client on a project that will allow users to connect to their Shopify store account on their website. Currently, I am working on building a page that the client requested that will show the customer's already existing products in the Shopify store within their website. What they want their customers to be able to see is a list of all currently existing products on their Shopify store. They are expecting the list to be dynamic as it should be different whenever any changes are made to their store inventory of any particular product. They also expect customers to be able to use a search function to look up any particular products more quickly, but this is a low-priority at the moment. Getting the list to generate is considered a top priority first. Any guidance on how to accomplish this such as existing documentation, video tutorials, or other posts that discussed this topic would be appreciated.

The mock-up the client provided below will give a better idea of what exactly they are looking for: