Doba API Integration

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Hi -

I was directed to post my questions here from Shopify phone staff. We are currently using Doba inventory to populate the products in our store at Shopify. Related to this, we have some questions below related to Shopify-Doba integration:

1. There are several product orders API available from Doba, as shown below:  

Our question is how do we use this inside Shopify to get the details of an order and to track it, whenever and order/transaction is made?

2. We have tried to create a test order and fulfilled it, however the tracking number is not indicated in the email notification. Doba has an API to get the details of orders (like tracking number). The question is how do we integrate this API inside Shopify? So that when an order is made, Shopify will use the API to get the tracking number and include it in the customer email notification.

3. How do we integrate other Doba API that we need inside Shopify, in case that we need further control or information to the product that we are selling?

4. Can you please explain the workflow on how does Shopify communicate with Doba? Right now, we have just imported the items from Doba via Shopify compatible CSV and we wan't to know what happen to those products when bought by the customer. How does Shopify integrate with Doba API like is it sending a createOrder API call or something? Is Shopify being integrated automatically/programatically with Doba API upon import of its products/inventory?

Thanks all!

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Have you found an answer?  I haven't looked into it much but it'll probably have to be during the checkout process.  You can add some sort of javascript function to trigger when someone checks out.  Most if the information should be on the checkout cart.  Again,  haven't looked into it but if and when I do, I'll leave a better answer.