Does Shopify require re-review of public apps after adding additional permissions?

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Hi everyone, Our application is an e-commerce ERP. Our business is to help merchants manage orders for products on multiple e-commerce platforms and independent stations. For the Shopify platform, we currently only develop the product management function, so we only added the two permissions of read_products and write_products in access-scopes during user installation and authorization. Because our application does not currently have an order management function, we currently have not added read_orders and write_order permissions, but in the next two months we will develop the shopify order management function. In this function, our users need to use this read_products And write_products these two permissions, so I have the following two questions:
1. If additional permissions are added during authorization (such as read_orders), do you need to ask the user to re-authorize to use the related functions of order management? Will reauthorization affect our other functions?
2. I want to confirm one more question. After adding additional permissions, do our public apps need to be resubmitted for review and passed before they can be used normally? If it needs to be reviewed again, will our application be able to provide users with normal use during the review period?