[Does a Fulfillment support one more multiple tracking numbers?

The 2020-01 Fulfillment API documentation says that each fulfillment only supports a single tracking number:


Each fulfillment supports a single tracking number. If you need to use multiple tracking numbers, then you should create separate fulfillments.

Listed in fulfillment properties is the `tracking_numbers` property which is clearly an array. The description suggests that multiple tracking numbers are supported in a single fulfillment instance:


Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 6.52.26 PM.png


Which is correct?


Some clarity and an update to the documentation would be great.


Thank you!


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Came here to post the same thing. It seems to be the case for both `tracking_numbers` and, correspondingly, `tracking_urls`.

Even more confusing - the GraphQL Fulfillment object contains a `tracking_info` field that uses the singular `number` and `url`:

I haven't tested this recently, but I believe I've been able to add multiple tracking numbers and URLs to a single fulfillment via the REST API.

So, are the singular properties merely a recommendation at this point? If so, the GraphQL values must be simply grabbing the first item from a list and crossing fingers there aren't any more?

Would love some clarification on this as well.