Does anyone know a list of public shopify endpoints and how to patch them?

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Hi, I recently discovered some public endpoints that a majority of shopify sites use such as sitemap_products_1.xml, /collections/all/products.atom, and products.json. I was just wondering, is there a compiled list of all of the commonly used public endpoints or all the .xml ones? I did some research on the topic but what I found was the admin endpoints (/admin/products.json, etc.). Could you tell me some more commonly used public endpoints? I might plan on opening a shopify store soon and just wanted to know what the public endpoints are and what is made available to anyone knowing them.  I've also heard of the Storefront API which is supposed to be a public API with public endpoints, but how can I find these endpoints?  If I decide to open up a shopify store, I would want to know each endpoint and which ones that you recommend to disable (because I'm not sure that I'd want customers to be able to find out all my product information).  So, is there a way to find all of the public endpoints of a store?



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I am not aware of any such resource or page that lists all of these resources from a template i.e. those that are not part of the Storefront API but merely alternate content types of templates or sitemaps, feeds etc.


I wouldn't worry about the Storefront API because while it is public, you'd still need to enable it and share a public access token. Even with that, you have fine grained access control over which resources you wish to make queryable via the Storefront API.




Above you can see I have enabled all access scopes for a particular private app. This needs to be explicitly added so no worries if you do not want to or only want specific endpoints.


As for the alternate content type requests, I am not aware that these can be explicitly disabled, but I wouldn't worry about them either because they do not disclose anything that isn't already disclosed via your regular store. Products that aren't published to your storefront channel would not show up there either. If you have any specific concerns about particular fields, please let us know and either someone from the community can chime in and help, or someone from Shopify can offer definitive advice.


Hope this helps!

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