Does products/update webhook fire after an order is made?

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I want to be able to track inventory in an outside app. I wish to know if a products/update webhook is firered (since the inventory is being updated), or I have to listen to a orders/create webhook instead.

Thank you!

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Hey Geva,

This and other things like this could be tested quite easily by setting up a products/update webhook and creating a dummy order on your shop. In the case of products/create webhooks, they are not fired on order creation by itself.


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I can confirm that the orders/create webhooks don't trigger products/update webhooks. If you're syncing products and orders you'll want to update synced product inventory for purchased/returned products manually after each order webhook.

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Hi all,


In multiple tests, I've run it seems products/update webhooks fire with every order I create.


Is this not an expected behavior? Am I doing something wrong with my dev stores?


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Every time when any order is made.

Product update webhook called.



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Hi Alex:

Is there a way to distinguish products/update webhooks that are fired on sale from others that are fired from actual changes to the products? We want to use this webhook to react to changes, but don't have a need to react to inventory changes other than those affecting availability for products that have inventory tracking enabled.

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It looks like all variants contain inventory delta fields, as well as whether they have inventory management via Shopify.


      "id": 757650484644203962,
      "product_id": 788032119674292922,
      "title": "",
      "price": "19.99",
      "sku": "example-shirt-m",
      "position": 0,
      "inventory_policy": "deny",
      "compare_at_price": "24.99",
      "fulfillment_service": "manual",
      "inventory_management": "shopify",
      "option1": "Medium",
      "option2": null,
      "option3": null,
      "created_at": null,
      "updated_at": null,
      "taxable": true,
      "barcode": null,
      "grams": 200,
      "image_id": null,
      "weight": 200.0,
      "weight_unit": "g",
      "inventory_item_id": null,
      "inventory_quantity": 50,
      "old_inventory_quantity": 50,
      "requires_shipping": true


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I just added update webhooks and they fire directly after my create webhooks.  Not sure why but it happens.


To anyone in Shopify staff or devs out there with a lot of exp., is this expected behavior?