Does the product/update webhook let me know if an item has been restocked?

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Thanks a lot for confirming the behavior, that helps. 


Best reagrds.

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@Zameer thanks for this explanation! Doesn't all this make the current implementation of the products/update webhook incredibly useless? 


Not only is it difficult to track updates to the availability status of a product/variant. But it's also quite impossible to focus on updates that matter if you wish to utilize the webhook for something else than inventory tracking. Since the webhook ALWAYS fires on sales, it's quite impossible to filter out update events that actually matter (i.e. actual changes to the products, like price, tags, or any other edits...)

Is there a solution to this issue, maybe by combining rules for different webhooks???

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Hey @power777 - I agree that the current overlap between some webhook subscription topics makes it challenging to process the data Shopify sends out.


We're working on improving this process, however, when it comes to deprecations, it's not easy to just "shut off" the behaviour as many partners are currently relying on the `products/update` webhook to fire on inventory adjustments. That being said, I'm going to pass along your feedback to our development team so they're aware of the pain point, and so they can see what changes can be made going forward to help deal with it.

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hi @Zameer I came her with the same issue. I would like to be notified of product changes only, not sales.


It may make sense to create 2 new webhooks in the next API release


- products/update_nonsales

- products/update_inventory


or something else along the way - keeping the existing webhook in place.