Doubts about billing plans for public app

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Hi there,

I'm submitting a new application that would work as a connector to my SaaS.

My platform already has a billing system and paid plans. Actually it doesn't have any free plans.


The thing is, should I list my app as free on Shopify ? I don't want to charge my users for this feature, they are already paying a monthly fee in my platform. 


Or should I list my app with the full pricing of my SaaS and use the billing API ?

I'd really appreciate any reply to this matter.



Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hello @sebaustinelli . 


This is not my specific area of expertise, but I have had it come up a few times in the past. When talking with our app store team in the past about it, the expectation is that you would use our Billing API in order to be listed in our app store.