Downgrade from Basic to lite with a custom storefront but still use the shopify checkout

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Hey folks!

I'm currently working on a custom storefront, that's on the basic plan, that pulls in products via the storefront API and manages its own cart. We then use the SF API to open a checkout, add/remove products, add shipping details & some other custom info. That all works great. We also use the admin API for some small parts, too, mainly just to access some custom shop meta fields.

Finally, for payment, we generate a link to the Shopify checkout, with most of the details filled, so the customer only needs to enter payment details (Via Shopify payments), review and complete the order.

Researching the lite plan, it seems perfect for our needs, as it basically just removes the online store as a sales channel and then everything continues hunky-dory.


My questions are:

1. Will I still be able to use the Shopify checkout on the lite plan?

2. Will the customer-facing order status page still be present? When a customer finishes an order -> the summary of their order.

3. Can I still query the shop object via the Admin API? Or is that tied to the online store?


Note: I don't want to use buy buttons - as our site handles the cart, and initial checkout, the Shopify checkout is purely for payment purposes.


Thank in advance for your time!

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Hello StefarioDev,

Wondering if you solved the problem already?

I believe I am in a similar situation.

I know that you can remove Online Store as a Sales Channel, the * checkout will remain the same. The login page will be just like the one on Online Store, because you'll need it to re-login apparently, but then you'll have no access to edit that, change the domain, etc. Other pages will return Shopify's error.

It would be perfect to sort of decouple Online Store from Checkout, when we make a Private App with Storefront API.

I wonder if anyone successfully built this setup and would love to see it.