Dox added to hxTShopify

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Created hxTShopify in March 2019, just decided to add dox so it's easier to view the API ( ProductSerializer currently not dox for technical reason ).

Suitable for lightweight nodejs/electron, not been following Shopify so I have no idea if it need updates.

I doubt I will be maintaining it without Patron support or client, as I have no personal need of Shopify, it could be extended to support all Haxe targets( C#, Javascript, Lua, Python, PHP and C++ ).

I have some expertise in all Haxe games frameworks ( OpenFL, NME, Heaps, Kha ) which could be used to deploy solutions to iphone, andoid, windows, linux, mac.  Have modified Liquid templates happy to use any languages/frameworks as required.

Looking for code, animation/3D and interaction roles based in UK.  Get in touch if you need a creative dev or if you think I should setup Patron to sponsor further development.