E2E Service Testing with Shopify Admin API

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We are building a service that is using Shopify Admin and Storefront APIs. We have been doing full automated E2E testing using shopify development stores and faced some issues:

  •   Shopify API endpoints can be slow especially when experiencing load from a bunch of integration tests running. 
  •  Shopify Admin endpoints have 2 requests per second limit and it is preventing test from being parallelized

We are running tests at least 5-10 times a day and it is going to grow. What is the best practice to use for automated E2E testing with Shopify API? I do not want to mock all the calls.


If it is useful we are using cypress.io 


Thank you

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What you're doing is sending simulated/fake/bot traffic to Shopify and I would expect that can be detected. Slow downs or throttling as a result should be expected. That sort of platform protection is what you want to exist so I'd suggest making the calls at a slow pace whenever possible. If you ramp it up it's possible that you'll hit throttles or blocks (that you might already be seeing).


If you're sharing the same IP and session that will also cause you some issues if blasting over traffic. 


The API limits won't be something you could work around. What's the E2E testing you're doing on that front?

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