ERP Portal for Customers that's integrated to our Shopify Online ordering

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Hi Shopify community,

Here’s what I’m looking for:

Goal of the portal/App: Is to provide our customers with an inventory management platform (Customer facing ERP) within the confines of our online ordering Portal.

Here are some requirements of the portal that I'm looking for:

We are looking for a platform which will give our customers the ability to add their:

  • lab supply inventory to the ERP
  • where the customer has the ability to adjust min/mx levels
  • purchasing patterns
  • where the customer has the ability to add favorite products
  • request new products

The ERP will be connected to our Shopify E-commerce system which will let you:

  • Add products to your wish list
  • Add all the products from the ERP to your shopping cart

Also would like to have the ability to add an App to it where the customer can:

  • Scan orders and add to online ordering shopping cart
  • Look up/search products and add to an online ordering shopping cart