Easy way to display order details when customer inputs order ID

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The goal is to allow customers on a third party website (ie. not Shopify) to input an order number and to either a) Dynamically display a link for the customer to access Order Status page or b) Pull in relevant order details via API. 

Option B would require more development work, but can anyone speak to how to best accomplish Option A?

The main reason for this is to reduce # of clicks by customers to get access to their order status (so the flow would be 1) Access contact form on website, 2) Input Order # into sidebar div, 3) Click search to display a link to order status page, 4) Customer clicks link and is taken to Shopify Order Status page. 



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All of this should be on your theme by default, there is a file called customers/order_history and customer/order which brings the list of orders and info on order for a logged in user on your store. Sometime by default the Shopify Order Status Page url is not on that file, but it should be an easy fix to add.

If you whish to show this information on another webpage, you can do it with a private app (which is easier) to get the infromation using the orders endpoint. If you know coding this shouldnt be that hard :P Hope this helps.


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