Editing Order API error: presentment amount cannot be more than the remaining X for this payment

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Use Case:

  • we have order 1 of item A and item B
  • we have order_2 of item C

We want to merge both orders by adding item C to order_1

And then mark order_1 as paid (both order_1 and order_2 are paid by the customer)

What we do is we modify order_1 using editOrder API (we use https://shopify.dev/docs/admin-api/graphql/reference/orders/ordermarkaspaid to mark order_1 as paid)

But Shopify throws the following error :

[ { field: null, message: 'Order cannot be marked as paid' }
field: [ 'presentmentAmount' ],
message: 'Presentment amount cannot be more than the remaining 109.81 for this payment.'
} ]

Note: the store currency is CAD and both orders were made in CAD.