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Hi all,


I am building an embedded Shopify app, have read all the documentation, but still have a couple of questions:


  • Is it possible to build an embedded app (using App Bridge) in a framework other than React (e.g. Ember)?
  • If the app's integration is querying product information (product name, images, etc) but not offering checkout features or mutating data, is it preferred that product info is retrieved via the Admin API or the Storefront API?
  • Is it possible to use custom components and branding in an embedded app or does the embedded app UI have to follow Shopify's brand guidelines and look like Polaris?
  • If an app is showing products to consumers but not offering checkout, is the app still considered to be a 'sales channel app' and, therefore, face additional requirements (#12)?
  • Are there any code walkthroughs for non-embedded apps?

My use case is an app that allows merchants to offer personalized product recommendations outside of the Shopify store (on third-party URLs). Users would answer some questions, get a product recommendation, and be directed to the Shopify store if they wish to purchase the product.


Thank you for your help!

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Hi @sirdunxalot,


It is definitely possible to use the App Bridge without the use of React in your own application. This is specified at the bottom of this page: https://help.shopify.com/en/api/embedded-apps/app-bridge. The App Bridge provide plain JavaScript functions that can be integrated with any libraries that you choose to implement. 


If your app is Shopify Admin facing (i.e. install to a merchant's Shopify Admin) and is not meant for customer interaction, then you should use the Shopify Admin API. The intended use case for the Shopify App Bridge is to create Shopify Admin apps.


It is possible to create and use your own components and branding in an embedded app. You are not required to use Polaris.


If your app is meant to display information to consumers, you are able to use the ScriptTag API to embed javascript on the pages of a Shopify theme. Any thing that is meant to be hosted outside of a Shopify theme is under your control. You can use tools such as the Shopify JS Buy SDK to embed product information into external web pages. There are technical examples for the JS Buy SDK available at the previous link.



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I am still not able to understand the need of App Bridge. I can embed the app without using App Bridge. 

I just created an app and enabled embedding in shopify admin and I can see my app in the admin area. So Can you please explain whats the need of App Bridge ?