Error when creating customer - invalid email address

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Creating a customer with this email address gives and error..


But if you truncate to this, it works.


This is the email address as in the documentation at


Bug ?

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey ma,

I suspect the reason why is throwing an error is because the domain name does not exist. We try to catch typos by running a few basic validations on the e-mail.

That being said I will look into changing the e-mail address in the docs to something valid.


- Christian

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I am having similar issue with the Transporter.

It would be better if we could disable domain checking for the emails imho.
I am trying to import data as bulk I do not care if customers email domain exists or not.

Now I need to send requests to domains when generating csv, and I also need to check customer data has another identifier (phone or name) if email is not valid.