Error with Shopify CarrierService App response receiving

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Dear Shopify Community, 

I'm working on 3rd party CarrierService App based on Google Apps Script and carrier service  REST API . At this moment I use the development store type. The CarriersService with callback URL has been successfully created and my app receives Shopifyy POST request and returns such JSON:

{"rates": [

{"service_name": "Test Shipping Rate Provider",
"service_code": "MSSR",
"total_price": "18.5",
"description": "Special rates",
"currency": "USD"}

The "shipping_write" scope is applied for the application, for a few Geo zones I created shipping rates based on this CarrierServie application. Also, I tested my URL with the Postman software and with another google script to be sure that my carrier app returns JSON rates as needed and valid, but... it doesn't work on the buyer end of the store.  The development store is

I will be very grateful for any help or helpful suggestion.

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We have the same issue and don't know how to find the root cause. Could someone from Shopify pick this up?



I have the same problem, also tested with Postman, Shopify doesn't accept the response.

Shopify please help us.

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Unfortunately, Shopify is not very helpful regarding this request. Please let me know, in case this gets solved for you @URLify-me 

@Dominik_My problem was solved, see here.