Exact definition of landing_site and referring_site

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Hi Shopify Gurus!

I am trying to built a conversion analysis to determine which saleschannel is most profitable. Ideally, I would do this based on UTM which I can derive from the URL based on last click and first click. Ideally I would like to replicate the report "conversion by first click" and "conversion by last click". Now I read multiple topics stating that the fields "landing_site"  and "referring_site" only report the first contact a customer made with the website overall. (so not connected to the order, but initial contact) A few questions arise, since in my data I do see multiple landing_sites for orders from the same customer. 

- Is the explanation in this article still valid? https://community.shopify.com/c/Shopify-APIs-SDKs/Tracking-campaign-conversions-properly/m-p/674730  If not, can someone elaborate a bit more on the exact definition of landing_site and referring_site?

- How can it be that one customer shows multiple different landing_sites for various orders? e.g. because the cookie term has passed, they openend a new browser etc.? 

- Is there a way to derive the url based on last click via the REST Api ? (I am using Stitchdata.com to get my data in)

- And does anyone have a good tip on how to get info from GraphQL without doing much coding? (set-up like with REST via Stitchdata.com e.g.) Since I saw that there is much more data around a marketing visit available there..

I already found the topics below which are related, but also from some time back, hence my question. 




Thanks much for your help.



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it's shame no one answered...