Example on creating a location Specific Product in Shopify

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Hello Community

Looking at the Shopify Product API documentation below I didn’t find an example how to create a location specific product including prices


Here it only says in the Section  “Create a new draft product” how to create draft product including a shop?

Can You someone please give us an example how we can create a product for a specific existing location only including prices that is only visible and usable by the given location?
Any help very much apreciated !

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If you look at the product create (GQL API) fields: https://shopify.dev/docs/admin-api/graphql/reference/mutation/input-object/productinput

You can see products have variants, and if you drill down into variants, you can see you can assign inventoryQuantity which accepts Quantity at a Location!

You like want to create this Location first, so you have its ID.

Note that once you have created this product, and stocked inventory at that Location, now you enable that product for sale in your available sales channels. For example Online Store, or a POS. You cannot actually limit the sale to the location you create, since it is not a sales channel in and of itself, it is simply where you choose to store inventory.

If you refine your question with more detail, perhaps a more refined answer will be possible. You have to be precise about what a Location is, and how you are planning on using that location.

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