[Eximbay Gateway] Hosted Payment SDK question

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We are servicing the gateway through the Hosted Payment SDK. 

However, there are some problems, so I leave an inquiry.


1. x_url_callback Status

I can't always get "200 HTTP OK" when sending x_url_callback response.

In this case, can I resend the x_url_callback response for order creation?


2.  x_result pending/completed

In a test environment, we confirmed that x_result=pending/completed is handled normally.

However, when tested in a production environment, we received a response of "422 Unprocessable Entity: Notification knowledge failed." (x_signatureissue)

So I validated the x_signature creation logic and x_signature sample, but the same value came out. Could I get a "422 Unprocessable Entitlement failed" response due to another problem?


I'll be waiting for your answer. Thank you.

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Hi @kimjongmin,

Take a look at this doc here: https://shopify.dev/docs/hosted-payment-sdk/getting-started 

For #1,  if you don't receive a 200 OK from your asynchronous callback POST to x_url_callback, the following is recommended:

Otherwise up to 5 retries with an interval of at least 60 seconds are recommended.

For #2, check out the FAQ "422 Unprocessable Entity: Notification acknowledgment failed" when sending the response in the link above. It's possible there is an issue with how the signature is being calculated (check out the Signature Calculator Tool), but also possible the incorrect credentials in the Payment settings of the store you're testing on aren't correct.

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Thank you. I've been looking forward to hearing from you.

I have an additional question among your answers.


1. Is there any other way if HTTP Code is not 200 even when sent for 5 times every 60 seconds?

2. Is there a valid time when calling x_url_callback for the payment result?

3. As given in the answer, I compared the URL (https://offsite-gateway-sim.shopifycloud.com/calculator) with the internally generated x_signature.

However, it does not appear to be the issue as it appears to be generating the same value. 

Please check if "422 Unprocessable Entity: Notification background failed" can occur due to other issues.


Shopify x_signature (See Attachment of Shopify x_signature Sample)



Eximbay Gateway PlainText



Eximbay Gateway x_signature



Shopify x_signature Sample.png