External App/Rev Share?

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Hi -


Tried sending this to apps@shopify.com but that e-mail is no longer used.


We’re not looking to list our app in the Shopify app store for discovery at this time, but we are connecting a platform outside of Shopify that connects to sites like Shopify and pushes in products, updates inventory, retrieves orders and updates tracking information on orders (similar to Sellbrite).


  • It would be fully external to Shopify EXCEPT for the oauth authorization to connect to the store.
  • This platform would be available to multiple users (we have about 100 customers interested right now),
  • Shopify Is one of about forty connections that would be made through it.
  • Customers would sign up for our platform outside of Shopify (since it’s not focused just on Shopify), and if they have a Shopify store they would enable the connection within our platform, execute the oauth, and then return to our platform.
  • There would be no dashboard, settings or info on the connection (other than the oauth) inside the user's Shopify account.

Would this still require the 80/20 rev share with Shopify? 


We understand that if we were listed in your app store and customers came to us through that, there would need to be a rev split However, we’re not looking to be in your app store at this time.



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