Extract all orders from the API

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Hello there =) 


I'm trying to retrieve all orders of my shop (13K + orders).

I made a simple loop with the 'since_id' to try to extract them all (with the 250 orders limit per request), the problem is that i can only get 499 of them.

I even tried to exctract date playin with created_at_min and created_at_max, same result, only 499/13K orders.

i can share the python code if needed.

How can you help with that Team.


Ps: i already put status=any in the url



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Do you have access to all orders in your app?

Take a read of the caution listed at the top of the docs page (but also pasted below):

As of June 6th, 2018, only the last 60 days' worth of orders from a store will be accessible from the Order resource by default. If you want to access older orders, then you need to request access to all orders. If your app is granted access, then you can add the read_all_orders scope to your app along with read_orders or write_ordersPrivate apps are not affected by this change and are automatically granted the scope.

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Thank you, but it's a private app. we don't need that permission: "Private and custom apps that have permission to access a store's orders are not limited to the last 60 days. Private and custom apps don't need additional permission to access all a store's orders."

The problem is that i only have access to orders of the last 10 days only...