FORUM BUG - not receiving verification email on existing account

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1) Tried to log into the NEW COMMUNITY FORUMS using my existing partners account. Asked to verify email address using email link. Email never received. Tried logging out and back in. Tried Forgot Password button. Email never came.


Had to create a new COMMUNITY FORUMS account with new email address. That worked. 


Would like to use my existing email. Screenshot attached.


2) There is also a bug in the PARTNERS DASHBOARD CONTACT PARTNER SUPPORT. Displays an error message after sending the support request. It turns out that the support request HAS BEEN SENT, even though the error is displayed. Screenshot attached.


 3) I'm unable to update my post (the EDIT MESSAGE option is not appearing) :



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Don't want to reign in your bug reporting enthusiasm, but could you NOT use all caps? Thank you :-)

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Thanks for posting @jasonengage!


  1. We are aware of an issue affecting a small number of users preventing them from receiving the verification email. I am tracking this issue and hope to have a resolution soon at which point I’ll reach out to you so we can get you setup with your existing account.

  2. Thanks for this! I’ll share this with our Partner team for awareness

  3. By default you have 30 minutes to edit a post after submitting but I’ve just increased this limit to 60 minutes. To edit a post click on the three dots that appear in the top right corner of your post while viewing the thread followed by Edit Message.  Can you let me know if you able to edit a recently submitted post? If you’d like to make changes to a post that's older than 60 minutes click on the post options button (three dots) and use the Report Inappropriate Content option including your changes so we can adjust as needed.

Thanks again for being a member of the community and reporting this!

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Hi, concerning #3 - Ok, I'm assuming it was the 30 minute limit.