Facing issue on submitting App

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Unresolved. See this document for guide. Also, your best option for support on this is in our API and Tech forum. Shopify Experts and Developers regularly help out with posts there as they have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide accurate support for the API. 

This can also be your support channel when it comes to API Questions. Only request permissions for API scopes that are required for your app to function. Your app is requesting scopes that aren't in use, so make changes to comply with our requirements. See this screenshot for additional details.


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It would help if there was a question in there somewhere... but lets assume the question is "I don't know why my app was rejected, can someone please help me understand?"

Firstly, if the Shopify staff member who is reviewing your app can't "see" why you have requested those scopes they will automatically reject the app and mention to you what scopes they see as unnecessary. Your job now is to check to see if you actually need those scopes.

So the questions to answer are:

Does your app read/modify a themes assets?

Does your app read/add script tags to a theme?

if the answer is no, then all you need to do is remove those scopes from your permission url scopes parameter.

if the answer is yes then you can re-submit your app and EXPLAIN to the Shopify staff member what exactly your app does with those scopes and why it's important for your app to have them. If you reasons are fully understandable and necessary for your app to work correctly then they will most probably accept your explanation and approve your app, or maybe find something else down the line that needs to be fixed.

I hope that helps you further.