Filtering products by title

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Hi guys

With the new graphQL api how can I filter the products inside a collection.

For example I have a collection X and it has 1000 products (300 of them has the word "book" in their titles)

I would like to filter the products in collection X , where title contains "book".


Thanks in advance!


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I am also facing the same issue. In some threads, there has been written that Shopify does not provide the flexibility to search in a specific collection so i was trying to search the products all over in my store with title. But i am getting the issue "Fatal error: field node wasn't queried" in the MobileBuySSK GraphQL.swift file in pods. Following is my query:

Storefront.buildQuery { $0

            .products(first: Int32(productLimit), after: productCursor, query: "title:dress") { $0



I want to search the products based on their names. Any help would be appreciated.