Flooded with GDPR Trash

Shopify Expert
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I have an App logged incoming requests. So happens one of them was to satisfy the GDPR for an App.

Now in my logs I am getting hammered with request from Shopify that contain the names of Shops that have not installed the App. They do not exist in the DB of merchants with the App.

So why is the App getting flooded with HMAC valid signed webhooks for GDPR?

Can you describe why this happens? What am I missing here? Also note, I changed the GDPR routes in the App setup, and so these incoming webhooks are hitting a route that does not even exist anymore.

Just curious. All GDPR goes straight to dev/null but still.. it is occupying bandwidth and my mind. Is this some kind of once and done and never to be seen again? Maybe these are people that installed the App, pressed GDPR buttons somewhere in Shopify and uninstalled the App all before I noticed, and now that explains this mess?


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