Forcing Line Item Metafield Updates in Checkout

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Hi there,

Non-developer here, so please forgive me for any mistakes in terminology or lack of understanding! 

We currently pre-sell products on our website against a future ship date. This ship date is presented to the consumer via a variant-specific metafield, and the value for this ship date will change over time depending on the arrival date of the shipment we are pre-selling against. 

The problem is that, if a user has a product in their shopping cart, and we make an update to the ship date for this product, this new ship date isn't reflected in the customer's cart. Per Shopify, this is because "if a customer adds an item to the cart on your store and it has a metafield ship date, the metafield gets added to the cart as a Line Item Property." This is, unfortunately, causing a lot of confusion for our customers.

My question: is there a way to force a metafield update that would apply through cart and checkout to ensure that the most accurate data is shown here? Then, is it possible for this value to be fixed in time when checkout is completed, so the value that's shown on the order confirmation / tracking page reflects the ship date as it was for that item when the order was placed?

Thanks in advance for your help - very, very much appreciated. 

- Andrea