Free, Open Source "Back in Stock" Alerts System - I Would Love Your Feedback

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Hey fellow developers, I've just completed a stable, free+open source "Back in Stock" notifications system with built-in support for Shopify. I would love to hear any feedback and suggestions you have. The entire project is located here:

If you have any questions or need help getting it setup, let me know.

The backend is programmed in Java, the frontend is HTML+CSS+JavaScript. I've integrated it with my own Shopify store; feel free to checkout a live frontend demo here:






The back-in-store alert is another excellent and feature-rich abandoned cart Shopify app that helps you re-engage customers and reduce the abandonment rate. At times, when a customer likes a product but finds it out-of-stock, they leave the store immediately.

They may find a similar product in any other store and order it after they leave your store. This results in your customer drifting away from your store to any other store just because you don’t have the product they want. It results in fewer sales and affects your store’s bottom line.

Back-In-Store Alert can help you avoid this situation as it offers:

  • The option of subscription for out-of-stock products – You can show a subscription button with custom text, appearance, and other settings to your customers. Customers can subscribe to the products through this subscription button. This provision of subscription helps you reduce the number of customers who immediately start looking for alternative stores.
  • Back-In-Store Email Alerts – As and when the product is available, you can send a custom back-in-store email to notify your customers about the availability of the product they needed. You can configure the subject line, email template background color, header and footer text, link color, etc., in the email to make it look appealing.
  • Dashboard – With this dashboard, you can overview the total number of subscribers, subscriptions, and the products they have subscribed to.
  • Product Lists – The products list shows the number of subscribers for a particular product and the number of times you’ve sent the back-in-store emails.
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