Free fashion visual search plugin early adopters MVP testers are welcome

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Dear All


If you have shoes or fashion e-commerce you can now try a free visual search plugin to improve your customer's experience.


Thanks to Snapsh visual search and recommendation plugin you can:

  • Increase conversions and cart value
  • Increase customer satisfaction and nett promoter score
  • Gain new customers by automatically adding your products to Snapsh App Marketplace

The product is not ready now. We are looking for early adopters to test MVP and share an opinion, so we can improve the plugin and build something that will really help your business


If you would like to take advantage, test prototype in your store and share honest feedback, please leave a response in a comment, I will contact you and share details.


You can take a look at 

and learn how simple and powerful is the prototype now.

Snapsh Plugin Shoppify.PNG