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Hey all,

So, our app want to implement 2 plans using graphQL billing API.

Free plan (up to 20 unique products update) and Paid plan. If the customer exceed the cap ( exceeding 20 products unique update), it will automatically upgrade to the Paid plan(user will pay $10/month and unlimited product update).

How to implement this? Do we need recurring based or usage based billing ?

I've read this article , but still no clue.

Thank you in advance. 


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Hey @aldoalprak 

You've got two options:

  1.  Start everyone on the free plan, and if they try to make more than 20 updates, prompt them to upgrade to the paid plan (they'll need to accept a new charge).
  2. Or, start everyone on a $0 pain plan with a capped_amount of $10. This will display a warning that they could be charged up to $10/month. Once they accept, you can create usage charges to charge the $10.

The second option is more 'automatic', since they don't need to accept a new charge. It also gives you the ability to charge $0 some months and $10 other months.