Front events in JS doesn't work. Probably proxy problem

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I have a serious technical problem with one of our plugins.

After upgrading the API version to the newest - stable one, the plugin does not support some front events (JavaScript). For example our JS doesn't create Cookies after subscribing to the newsletter or after cart update. PHP 

VERY IMPORTANT: before publishing the official app, we tested and updated the developer plugin which is 100% same! I tried to change proxy in PartnerPanel/XYZ App/Extensions/Online Store/Manage App, proxy, but still doesn't work.

Our dev app is hosted on ngrok, and works fine. Production app is the same like the dev one, but doesn't work. Why?

In my opinion something could have changed in the proxy or from the server, but I don't know what. And the fact is the code from both apps is identical (except the .env and other config files and root paths). I don't see any error in JS browser's console or in Network tab.

App is built in PHP (pure and Slim framework) and JS.

Please help.