Fulfillable location ID in Order API

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Hi all,


I have a question regarding the REST API for Orders, or it is more a 'feature request' ;)

It came to my attention that the fulfillable location is not in the JSON output of the API for an order.


So when an order is placed the unfulfilled items are listed in the order detail page. You can change the fulfillable location if you want. It would be very nice if it is possible to put this fulfillable location id in the JSON of the order (in the line_items section since an order can be fulfilled from 2 locations).


So when we fulfil the order through the API that we know what the current value is and we can just use this value directly in the fulfillment API request.





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+1 for this!


Just got a request for it recently from a customer of one of our apps.

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+1 ! Any update on this ? 

In the graphql api there is the "DraftFulfillment" and we can get the location from "service.location" but the location name is different from the one shown on the order =/