Fulfillment Trouble with GraphQL API

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I have one order with two line items. I get two tracking numbers from the fulfillment company.


My code that does not work creates a FulfillmentCreateV2 object using the FulfillmentOrder ID, where I create two fulfillments one for each tracking number, but only ONE ever is assigned to the order, and both line items get fulfilled on the first call. I do not have line-item ID's so I cannot provide those. Just tracking numbers. So two line items to fulfill, two tracking numbers to assign.


Since that does not work, I was told that once a single tracking number is assigned via the first call to FulfillmentCreateV2 with the Fulfillment Order ID, I could then make a second call, by asking for a new Fulfillment Order ID.


Apparently, that was not good advice.


How do we assign two tracking numbers to a single order, where there are two line items to fulfill without the corresponding line item IDs?


I assume this is borked and would only work by providing the line item ID. Please confirm, this is costing the merchant a lot of grief.

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