FulfillmentService API issues

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We are developing an app that allow customers to fulfil their products with us at I-Fulfilment. 

Everything seems to go okay and the request to add us as a fulfilment service on a shop returns a 201 created response. 

The issues comes when the user tries to select us as the fulfilment option for a product. "I Fulfilment" appears in the drop down box and is selectable. If this option is used however when the user goes to save the product shopify simply shows "It appears that an error has occured We're currently looking into the problem. In the meantime, you can contact support for updates."

I can not seems to find any issues with the way we are setting up the FulfilmentService. The body of the request we are sending is:


                                    "name": "I-Fulfilment",
                                    "handle" :"i_fulfilment",
                                    "callback_url" : $this->appURL,
                                    "inventory_management" : true,
                                    "tracking_support" : true,
                                    "requires_shipping_method" : true,
                                    "format" : "json",

And the response is :

201 Created

This same error happens with every shop we test the app with. 

Any help would be very appreciated!


Edward m