FulfillmentService + Fetch_Tracking_Numbers Endpoint

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I have an API question.

We are working to design an integration with a 3PL service to assist in fulfilling some of our orders.

We plan to make use of the following functions/endpoints:

1) FulfillmentService -fetch_tracking_numbers
2) FulfillmentService - fetch_stock
3) FulfillmentRequest - Request
4) FulfillmentRequest - Accept
5) FulfillmentRequest - Reject
6) CancellationRequest - Request
7) CancellationRequest - Accept
CancellationRequest - Reject

Most of this is straightforward. However, I have a couple questions:

1) When the 3PL service accepts a fulfillment request (with the Fulfillment Request - Accept endpoint), what changes will I see in the Shopify Admin screen on any accepted orders?

2) The FulfillmentService - Fetch_Tracking_Numbers endpoint purports to request (from the 3PL service) tracking numbers for completed fulfillments every hour. Now, in the endpoints listed above (their design) I don't see anything that will provide Shopify with an indication that they have completed the fulfillment of a specific order/orders. Am I correct? If so, would you suggest that they add the Fulfillment - Complete endpoint to the workflow?