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We have an App that enables our customers to easily export their orders, and automatically fulfill the orders with tracking numbers when available. Our current process is:


New order > Merchant goes to our app > Click on a button to export the order > the order is fulfilled


Next, when we generate a tracking number, we simply do a PUT request on the order's fulfillment to update the tracking information.


Now, we need to synchronize the stocks quantities we have with our merchants' stores. To do that we created a FulfillmentService with "inventory_management" = true and "tracking_support" = false (because the tracking information are already set in another way as I said). When we export an order, the order is not marked as Fulfilled as before, but is in a pending state. Whenever we set the tracking information, I expected the status to switch to Fulfilled, but it is stuck in this pending state. I cannot manage to find out how to mark my orders as fulfilled.


How can I make the status change from pending to fulfill?



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Shopify Staff
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Hey @victor75,


Have you tried completing the fulfillment?


If you're still stuck, can you please provide example calls you're sending at the moment.