GET orderlist returns 502 Bad Gateway after 45 seconds just on one shop and one specific page

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as some other people here in the forum we see a 502 Bad Gateway response from the order api when trying to reqeust a specific page (pagesize is irrelevant, tried with values like 40 and 50).


I'm sure that this is a SQL timeout on shopify's side - the strange thing is, its occuring reproducable on one shop (we have many shops connected to our app) and on one page.


So it would be nice if somebody from shopify can take a deeper look at this issue.


Some Request ids for example:


X-Request-ID: d2be3cc0-10b6-4ddb-8cba-645ddbea37f4

X-Request-ID: 41f37f45-d1cf-4ea2-bb60-d9c2c92bce65

X-Request-ID: 08e29738-9129-488b-aed4-66436b1b4fea


Best, Jan

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Shopify Staff
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Hey @Billbee,


Thanks for reporting the issue and providing those request_ids. Our developers have just implemented some changes that will help prevent timeouts on the orders API. Kindly try your requests again and you should see them complete now as expected.

JB | Developer Support @ Shopify
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