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Im using the /admin/products.json api call, is there any option to get products sorted by price asc/desc or title alpha-bet asc/desc or best-selling with this api call, or maybe there is any other api call that can give me this information?

Thank you.

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Hey, this is something I've wished for as well, but ordering/sorting isn't mentioned in the docs and does not appear to be supported by the Shopify Rest API.  My recommendation would be to request all products (remembering to use the limit/page parameters described in the docs) and sort/operate on them however you wish once you've pulled them all.  

Hope this helps

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It's 2020, and I think that the 'order' parameter is not still documented in the API docs, so it is unclear if this is a supported feature.

Shopify staff have posted about the parameter, such as here: .


Could someone from Shopify please clarify if the order parameter (for the REST API products.json endpoint) is supported or documented? Thanks!