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We are setting up a custom app that uses the Shopify APIs to pull orders into an external system for processing and fulfillment. In our case we want to only target line items from an order which matches a specific location. Everything we have tried seems to only return the default location for the item regardless of what is selected for the line item in the order. 

For example:

When looking at this order's line items we would expect to see 'Gamma Warehouse 2' when pulling the location:

Screenshot 2021-05-11 145512.png

but the API returns the default location, 'Gamma Warehouse 1'



Is there some way to pull the location that is seen on the line item in an order (see first image)? Seems strange that there isn't a way to pull this information from the API, am I missing something?

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Hey @dblack, I would suggest taking a peek into our resource for the GraphQL object FullfillmentOrderAssignedLocation as a starting point. 

awwdam | API Support @ Shopify
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