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Hello Devs,


I have an app that creates and updates products via the Shopify API.


I have one case where I have to get all products via:

GET /admin/api/2020-01/products.json

This returns a lot of information about each product but not the metafields. In order to get the metafields I have to make another query for each product:

GET /admin/products/#{id}/metafields.json

With more than 1000 products this takes a HUGE amount of time!


So now my question is if there is a possibility to get all products with the metafields in one query?


Kind regards!

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Metafields are a resource linked to the product but not part of it. If using the Rest API you will need to make the multiple calls.


Since you're using REST, have you had a chance to look at GraphQL yet?

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